Net Snood Panne Velvet Glitter

Snoods were specially designed for dog breeds with long ear fur, because they often hang the fur in drinking and feeding bowls.

By wearing these snoods prevents soiling and adhesions at the ear fur.


Snoods are also recommended for show dogs, because this is an elegant way to keep the ears clean and in shape until the show.


In addition, they provide protection for all dog breeds of dangerous awns, which the dogs often get by a walk in their auditory canals.


Net Snoods are poduce in a very light and breathable quality, so they can wear preferably in summer.


The Snoods are individually adjustable and can be adjusted in the head circumference depending on the head size of your dog, so they can wear from the puppy age up to the adult dog.


The Snoods are individually made to measure for your dog, so we need these three indicated measurements (see measuring guide below) and the dog breed of your dog.

Please give the measurements and the dog breed in the comment field on the shopping cart page when ordering, as follows:






Size 1: up to 29 cm (11,5 inch) eyebrow - shoulder blades (see measurement 3)

Size 2: from 30 cm (11,9 inch) eyebrow - shoulder blades (see measurement 3)


8,00 €

  • verfügbar / available
  • 3 - 5 Tage Fertigungszeit / 3 - 5 days production time1


 Here you will find all colours of the Net Snoods Panne Velvet Glitter

(Click on it enlarge the image and you will find so the correct name of the respective Net Snood Panne Velvet Glitter.)

Measurement Guide

       1. Measure the head circumference around the widest part of the head.

       2. Measure the neck circumference at the point where the collar is normally located.

       3. Measure from the eyebrows to the beginning of the shoulder blades. (Please take care when measuring, the measuring tape is not  

           stretched, but flat against the body shape. (see illustration to measure 3))

       4. Dog breed

      Please take care:

      - that your dog stands upright and straight during the measurement.

      - that you do not measure your dog while sitting or lying down.

      - that you measure all dimensions exactly on your dog´s body shape.

      - that you specify all measurements without additions, since each centimeter can affect the optimal fit of the Snood.