Belly Band

Belly bands are male dog bandages they are popular used by breeders and dog owners, to prevent that dog males marking on unwanted locations.


Also very recommended by incontinence of males.


To use the Belly Bands it is recommended to use a self-adhesive hygienic insert.


The circumference can be varied by Velcro.


The Belly Band is individually made to measure for your dog, so we need one specified dimension (see measurement guide below) and the dog breed of your dog.
Please give the measurement and the dog breed in the comment field on the shopping cart page when ordering, as follows:




15,00 €

  • verfügbar / available
  • 3 - 5 Tage Fertigungszeit / 3 - 5 days production time1


 Here you will find all colours of the Belly Bands

(Click on it enlarge the image and you will find so the correct name of the respective Belly Band.)

Measurement Guide

1. Measure the waist circumference at the narrowest point of the waist around.

       2. Dog breed.

       Please take care:

       - that your dog stands upright and straight during the measurement.

       - that you do not measure your dog while sitting or lying down.

       - that you measure the dimension exactly on your dog´s body shape.

       - that you specify the measurement without additions, since each centimeter can affect the optimal fit of the Belly Band.